Pond & Lake Design

Pond and Lake Design and Construction

Pond and lake design Pond and lake design is critical when considering the creation of a new body of water. Elements such as structure, depth, slope, and drainage should be utilized to enhance a lake or pond.

Depending on the type of fishery that is desired, our biologists can assist with proper structure, design and placement for improved production of a particular species, or they can design habitat suitable for all species.

Since turnovers are of major concern to pond owners, proper consideration must be given to depth and aeration to minimize turnover effects. Also, depth and proper bank slope design are important as preventative measures for nuisance aquatic weeds.

It is imperative to eliminate old, stagnant water and replace it with new oxygenated water. Therefore, suitable water replenishment and correct drainage must be considered.

All of these aspects of pond design and construction are crucial, and addressing them properly is of paramount importance if you want your water body to be a successful, recreational venture.

Allow us to assist you with propelling your plans in the right direction.


Annual Maintenance Contracts For Lakes And Ponds

Annual plans are designed to allow Aquaservices’ personnel to intensively monitor your water body to optimize fishing and recreational opportunities. Each year that the plan is implemented, the lake is visited approximately 22 times. During the months of March through November, two trips per month are made to test water quality and fertilize as necessary. During the fall of the year, an electro-fishing survey is performed to analyze fish populations and their health. Water quality testing and lake assessments continue through the winter with visits once a month.

This approach allows necessary adjustments to be made periodically so the water body can be fine tuned and “tweaked” to your satisfaction. Such plans provide vital data and insight necessary for best management of your water body.