About Us

Aquaservices pond and lake managementABOUT AQUA SERVICES, INC
Aquaservices was founded by Terry Goldsby in January of 1982. Terry’s work in the field began in 1971 as an undergraduate at Northwestern State University of Louisiana. After completing course studies at NSU, he subsequently worked for the Florida Department of Natural Resources and the Tennessee Valley Authority as a researcher and aquatic resource manager. He received a M.S in botany from NSU in 1976.


Along with Terry, Aquaservices, Inc. has three other biologists on professional staff and additional support personnel. Combined staff experience is over 50 years. Aquaservices performs lake and pond management for utility companies, country clubs, subdivisions, waterfront property owner’s associations and other private concerns. Currently the company is contracted by Georgia Power, Mississippi Power, U.S. Steel, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Bill Dance ( Bass Fisherman ) and Randy Owen of the singing group, “Alabama”.


Our goal at Aquaservices is to continue working with governmental agencies, businesses and homeowners throughout the Southeast. So, whether you’re looking for aquatic plant management or just a great fishing hole, we at Aquaservices will do our best to make sure that endless possibilities are at your fingertips.